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Article: Hermès Guide To Colours That Hold Their Value and Are Best Investments

Hermès Guide To Colours That Hold Their Value and Are Best Investments

Hermès Guide To Colours That Hold Their Value and Are Best Investments

This guide is intended to help you identify Hermes colors that hold their value, making them great investments. For each color, we will discuss the rarity and overall demand of the item, helping you decide which ones are worth purchasing. Whether you're looking for faster return on investment or simply want more reliable resale values in your wardrobe, this guide will provide invaluable insight.
Hermès bags boast an exquisite beauty that is enhanced by color. The design house has created more than 250 shades, ranging from classic neutrals to bold, bright hues. Whether you are a Hermès enthusiast or just starting out, it is easy to find the perfect color for your collection – each shade even has its own unique code! However, if you're looking for something with a good return on investment it's important to think beyond aesthetics; many collectors take resale value into consideration when buying these pieces of functional art. This guide explores which colors have the highest secondary market values and might be worth adding to your portfolio.

Understanding the Value of Hermès Colors

Hermès' color range is constantly changing and evolving, making them some of the most sought-after hues in the fashion world. Classics such as Noir (89), Rouge H (46), Etoupe (18) Gold (06) and Orange H (93) are always included in their collections. But they also experiment with new tones seasonally to ensure they stay up-to-date. These shades may come back every year or be temporarily discontinued after a season, yet the classic tints still remain firm favorites that can integrate with any wardrobe.

Best Hermès Colors for Investment and Resale Value

By evaluating the performance of our items and retail prices, we've been able to identify the colours that generate the highest resale value for Hermès. This careful study gives us a better understanding of what colours leave a lasting impression on customers. With this data-driven analysis, we can determine which shades best represent our brand and make informed decisions on our colour palette.

Hermès Gold (06)

Hermes Gold
Tanned, warm-hued shades of gold have always been the hallmark of an Hermès bag. When Princess Grace Kelly famously hid her baby bump with a Sac à Dépêches from the same radiant hue, it sparked a global craze for what is now known as the “Kelly bag.” Its resale value for both shoppers and collectors is still in high demand today, making it one of Hermès' top-selling color options. No matter which season or cultural event it's paired with, rich shades of gold remain a timeless statement that never goes out of style.

Hermès Noir (89)

hermes noir
Hermès Noir bags are a timeless classic choice. Black is always in style and looks great with any outfit. With the wide array of colors available, it's ironic that black is an excellent investment for Hermès bag purchases.

Hermès Craie (10)

hermes crain
Hermès Craie is an exquisite color that has a luxurious, smokey, and blushing undertone. This cool neutral contains no yellow pigment; it's delightful neighbor is Nata, a pleasant shade of cream. Both colors have stood the test of time and still maintain their value in the market today.

Hermès Etain (8F)

hermes etain
The Hermès Etain bag combines subtle yet powerful tones, blending smoke gray and bark brown to create an opulent neutral. Rose gold hardware further elevates the look of this timeless piece first introduced in 2011 Fall/Winter, quickly becoming one of the most sought-after designs from the iconic label. Invest in a piece of luxury with the Hermès Etain – a neutral that packs a serious punch.

Hermès Rose Azalee (8W)

hermes rose
Hermès is renowned for having resale value, and neutral shades typically rank high. Rose Azalee, a warm pink with coral hues, is no exception. This delicate yet feminine shade makes an impression wherever it goes.

Hermès Mauve Sylvestre (X9)

hermes Mauve_Sylvestre
The famous Mauve Sylvestre was derived from a wildflower of the same name. This pastel pink hue is known for its cool essence, with just a hint of lilac to top off the color palette.

Hermès Bleu Brume (T0)

hermes Bleu Brume
The Bleu Brume is a gorgeous and unique shade of ice blue that makes an excellent investment in an Hermès bag. It's certainly unexpected, but nonetheless functions as a neutral color due to its versatility. The warm yet subtle tone of this color often invokes the feeling of a cold winter morning at dawn with golden sparkling sunlight.

Hermès Rose Sakura (3Q)

hermes Rose Sakura
Hermès has earned a worldwide following, with passionate fans especially cherishing the depth of pink tones. Rose Sakura is an incredibly sought-after shade, providing a soft and warm feeling within a beautiful cherry blossom aesthetic. As such, it pairs perfectly with both gold or palladium hardware for an unmistakable flair.

Hermès Vert Criquet (3I)

hermes Vert Criquet
When you take a look at our guide to the top colors for investments, it's not hard to understand why Vert Criquet is included. This celadon shade captures the essence of joy and vitality in springtime. Although only recently released, it has already proved to be great choice for Hermès resale value.
We also want to note two colors just recently unveiled in 2022; Chai (0M) and Vert Fizz (0S). It's still uncertain whether their exceptional performance will last or not, but indications point towards them joining the ranks of the most profitable investment bag colors.

Getting Started With Your Hermès Color Collection

When searching for your first Hermès bag, you might find it difficult to locate the hue of your dreams in a brick-and-mortar store. However, don't worry! At Fashion and Co, we're proud to provide a wide array of colors for collection seekers - not to mention our trusted color guide that makes selection efficient and convenient. So explore our range today; there's plenty of adorable colors on offer from Hermes just waiting for that perfect wardrobe spruce up. Don't hesitate - go on, treat yourself!
Ultimately, you should always follow your heart when selecting a color. Our Hermès color guide is simply a reference — if an exciting Bambou or enchanting Bleut Fenda grabs your attention, go with that!


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