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Guaranteed Authenticity

At Fashion & Co, we take authentication seriously. Our customers are entitled to the most absolute peace of mind when it comes to luxury handbag purchases, and we want to make sure you have a positive experience every time. Rest assured that all Hermès, Chanel, Goyard or Louis Vuitton items sold on our platform are 100% authentic – verified by our meticulously vetted third-party authentication services that use cutting-edge technology.

On top of the assurance, we provide our customers with a lifetime full moneyback guarantee, if anything is found to be not authentic by their standards. We do this so that no customer ever has any doubts regarding the authenticity of their purchase.

Guaranteed Authenticity

Authenticity Guarantee

Fashion & Co. is a well-respected leader in the luxury handbag secondary market, and authenticity is of utmost importance. We ensure that all Hermès, Chanel, Goyard and Louis Vuitton items we sell are 100% authentic so that you can shop with peace of mind. Every purchase from Fashion & Co. comes with a full moneyback guarantee; if something isn't authentic as verified by an independent third-party authenticator, we'll provide a full refund.

Authentication Process

Authentication security is an incredibly important aspect of our business. To uphold this standard and ensure our customers are getting the highest level of verification, we only use top-tier third-party authenticators. Trusted experts who have been through rigorous vetting processes have their verdicts respected by us when it comes to assessing authenticity. Their skills in authentication are unparalleled and they provide results that can be trusted with complete confidence.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Fashion & Co. stands behind every purchase, providing a lifetime full money-back guarantee to all customers. If one of our trusted third-party authentication services determines that your item is not authentic, we will offer a full refund of the original price.




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Our products

Fashion And Co. product selection is based on the following:

Authentic Only

At Fashion & Co, we take the authenticity of our products extremely seriously. Our internal team of authenticators is both knowledgeable and experienced in assessing the genuiness of goods, and rest assured that we have partnerships with external third-party authenticators if further verification is required. We provide a full money-back guarantee in cases where authenticity has been questioned. Please don't hesitate to contact us at should you require more information regarding authentication procedures.

Certified Pre-Owned Handbags Only

Fashion And Co. carries a variety of carefully selected, limited edition and previously owned handbags and accessories. Through our rigorous inspection process we guarantee that all vintage products retain their original shape, have been cleaned thoroughly inside and out, free of any pen marks or external damage. Every Certified Pre-Owned product is paired with an accompanying dustbag and/or box for added protection during storage.

Expertly Curated

Drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience, we carefully curate our collection. Our unique perspective enables us to identify products that are of the highest quality for our preferred brands, sought-after by clients and in limited supply. This allows us to procure superior pieces while they're still available.

Never Used, Pristine Merchandise

At our store, we seek to consistently provide the highest quality goods and exceptional customer satisfaction. To ensure the best possible shopping experience, all of our products are never-used and in pristine condition. We guarantee that each item is in its original packaging and unopened; this way, customers can be certain that they are getting the greatest possible value from their purchase.

In Stock And Ready To Ship

At our website, customers can easily review what products are in stock and available for shipment within one to two business days of payment receipt.

Competitively Priced

At Fashion & Co., we prioritize offering competitive prices that reflect the limited availability of our products. We understand the impact pricing has on customer satisfaction, so our team is dedicated to researching industry trends and adjusting rates as needed. This ensures our customers receive the best possible value and the most competitive prices in comparison to market standards.